® - Powering Up Your Device | Webflow (en - US) ensures users are kept up to date with the latest firmware and security updates for their device. Regular updates enhance functionality, add new Protect your digital assets from online threats by keeping your private keys offline with Trezor. With multi-currency support and regular updates, provides® is the official starting point for setting up your Trezor® hardware wallet and accessing the Trezor Suite App, a powerful tool for managing your cryptocurrencies. Learn how to initialize your Trezor hardware wallet and use it with Trezor Suite, a free software for desktop.® - Powering Up Your Device (Webflow). Get your Trezor set up and running. Basics. OS requirements for Trezor. Operating system requirements &® - Starting Up Your Device®. Follow the instructions provided to securely configure your wallet for Learn how to initialize your hardware wallet and use it Get started with Trezor, the secure hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. Visit for easy setup and protect your digital assets today.